"About us" Interview with Mr. Peter Bassil of Bassil Bookbinding USA 28-03-2017

Since six months after the installation of our front cutter Easy Fly Pro at new factory in Bassil Bookbinding at 535 South River Street in Hackensack, New Jersey (United States) and during our visit of after sale  we took the opportunity to gather the impressions and opinions of Bassil family members and this is what Peter Bassil told to us.

“In the fast changing industry of printing and binding we strive as a company with a third generation experience  
In bookbinding to stay updated on the newest technologies in the binding world. 

Perfect binding has reached a saturation stage where almost anyone can produce average perfect bound books. This is when we start to look for high end binding and sophisticated procedure to keep a unique edge to what Bassil Bookbinding can produce and offer the USA demanding market. For that same reason we decided to invest in a face trimmer and not just any face trimmer but specifically SCS face trimmer Easy Fly Pro

Having already invested in an 8 page gate fold capability Perfect Binder. I started the mission of looking for a face trimmer. Not many choices are available so from the big names like Muller Martini and Kolbus for sure SCS Face trimmer stands on its own in many ways for many good reasons.

The Easy Fly Pro is completely automated the Engineering team at SCS has thought of almost every small detail to get the top quality product in line. The size range is unprecedented, also on the fly fine tuning. Setup take seconds SCS has also thought of cutting on an angle. We can even use it inline as a conveyor since it can communicate with your binder conveyor system. But what really got our attention is the patented opening procedure of the flaps. When working with high end products they're very sensitive and only Easy Fly Pro stand to this test. 

Amazing product great team to work with, and finally on behalf of Bassil Bookbinding team I would like to say thank you for all the efforts Mr. Scarpellini and his team at SCS has provided to make this project a successful one. “