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DCH60 Automatic die cutting and creasing for paper and cardboard

Automatic die cutter for paperboard and cardboard. Fast machine set-up times. Possibility of Hot Foil stamping


The machine works on the horizontal planethe material is transported under the press by the clamps which work on the side opposite the printing reference marks. The die cutting does not leave any points connecting the finished product with the waste aiding operation and increasing product quality. It is easy to set up the machine for repeat jobs thanks to easy-swap die boards, maintaining the same centre references and saving all HMI display settings. The multi-shape die cutting function reduces machine setup times and die costs. The machine features a waste removal system at its exit and requires no other accessories.

Quick die change thanks to the fixed reference point. High-stack feeder compatible. Machine operation using the icon-based touch screen HMI.

These unique features make the DCH60 especially well suited to printers who need to replace old cylinder and flat bed machines, and to converting businesses who need flexibility to handle small/medium

sized production batches.


Paper, card, cardboard and some types of plastic. Particularly suitable for die cutting, scoring and kiss-cutting thanks to the possibility of fine adjusting the cut point. Embossing and Braille printing is also possible, as is hot foil stamping.


Max die cutting area   350 x 500 mm

Waste min/max:Direction of travel waste:   min 9 mm

   Lateral direction waste:   min 10 mm


  Single stroke:

  Max sheet size (Width x length)   550 x 380 mm

  Multiple stroke (If the characteristics of the sheet and product allow)

  Max sheet size (Width x length)   550 x 710 mm

Min sheet size:   220 x 220 mm

Min./Max. thickness of material paper, card etc. (Depends on the material type)  da 120 g/m² a 4 mm

Power:   8 kW.

Cutting force: Paper - card   60 ton ( 600000 N ) with 350 g/m²

Max working speed (Dependent on number up):   single stroke up to 1800 sheets/hour

(The speed and the format depends on the format, the product type, material quality, operator skill and general conditions)

Compressed air requirements: (to be supplied by the client)  250 l/min a 6 bar.

Electrical connection:   3PH, 400 V + N + T, 50 Hz.

(Neutral and earth must be separate; if this is not possible, a transformer may be requested at additional cost)

Machine dimensions (LxDxH):   2650 x 1750 x 1915 mm

Machine dimensions with feeder, separation and collection belts:   6240 x 1750 x 1915 mm

Machine weight:   2200 kg.

Example of possible in-line configuration

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