Investing in Young Talent: The Winning Collaboration between SCS Automaberg and Job's Academy 10-11-2023

Investing in Young Talent: The Winning Collaboration between SCS Automaberg and Job's Academy

Discover how the collaboration between SCS Automaberg and Job's Academy is preparing young talents for a bright future. Investing in future leaders is key to sustainable development.

Investing in Young Talent: The Winning Collaboration between SCS Automaberg and Job's Academy

At SCS Automaberg, we firmly believe in the potential of young talents and their fundamental role in the development of our sector. Investing in the younger generations is a priority for us, as we believe they are the driving force of innovation and progress.

Our Collaboration with Job's Academy: A Growing Success

The relationship between SCS Automaberg and Job's Academy began in 2020, when we learned about this innovative and unique educational reality on the national territory. This collaboration has allowed us to establish a solid bridge between education and the world of work, offering students a practical experience that can prepare them for the challenges of professional life. During our long relationship with Job's Academy, we have had the privilege of welcoming numerous students for internship programs at our company.

What is the Job's Academy institute?

The Job's Academy institute is a post - High school diploma institution that offers courses in the Business and Technology field, based in San Paolo d'Argon, in the province of Bergamo. The educational model to which it refers is the "learning by doing" that puts practice and close contact with the world of work in the foreground, allowing its students to experience firsthand what business life is like through internship programs both in Italy and abroad.

The first steps in the world of work

Over the years, SCS Automaberg has welcomed various students at its company who, during their internship, had the opportunity to experience the world of work firsthand. Welcomed within our company, they have embarked on a learning journey that has ranged from the field of marketing and commercial operations to a deep understanding of business processes.

During their internship, these young talents not only worked on concrete projects but also had the opportunity to participate in company meetings, interact with employees from different departments, and gain a deep understanding of business dynamics.

A Stimulating Learning Environment

Our mission is to provide these young talents with a stimulating learning environment, rich in growth opportunities, and a dedicated mentoring program. Many of our interns have experienced the satisfaction of seeing their efforts turn into concrete results. Some of them have even decided to pursue their careers in the cardboard and binding sector, finding a job at our company or in similar companies.

Davide's experience: International Marketing intern

How did the training received at Job's Academy influence your preparation for the internship at SCS Automaberg? Were there any specific aspects of the Job's Academy training program that you found particularly useful?

The training I received at Job's Academy was definitely useful in making the most of this experience. All the notions that I was given during the two-year period turned out to be extremely in line with the needs that the world of work requires. From SCS Automaberg I had the opportunity to put into practice both what I have learned at the Academy and to learn more in-depth and practical aspects concerning marketing and international trade and to have immediate concrete results.

How did the tutor or mentor assigned by SCS Automaberg help you to integrate into the company team and to face the specific challenges of the sector?

Working alongside Loretta and Massimo, I had the opportunity to be significantly involved in every aspect of their work. This allowed me to see marketing and export not only as theoretical concepts, but as dynamic and complex processes that require a practical and strategic approach. Their dedication to constantly asking for my feedback created a collaborative learning environment, where I could share ideas, suggestions, and questions with my tutor and the rest of the team.

In addition, Loretta gave me the space to explore solutions to problems in a creative and innovative way. This helped me to develop my confidence and to acquire a sense of responsibility towards the assigned projects. Her guidance was invaluable in helping me grow both as a professional in the sector and as a member of the company team.

What aspects of the SCS Automaberg company struck you the most during your internship?

The company has a strong and collaborative corporate culture that promotes innovation and the sharing of ideas. I have noticed a constant commitment to technological innovation and a proactive approach to improving production processes. The global expansion strategy and the focus on export demonstrate international ambition. The mentorship program has been extremely effective in facilitating integration into the team and acquiring practical knowledge.

Towards a Bright Future

SCS Automaberg's commitment to young talents is constantly growing. We will continue to offer opportunities to future Job's Academy students, wishing that this fruitful collaboration can have a bright future.