SCS Automaberg




The exit is also equipped with a WASTE EJECTION and


Quick changeovers are facilitated by fixed references.

When die-cutting, nicks between the cut product and the

waste are not required, thereby making the execution of

the job easier and more precise, consequently improving in

quality. Operation is by touch-screen panel with pictogram

control. By using the interchangeable steel die plate and

always keeping the same centred references, the execution

of repeated jobs is simplified.

Ideal for processing light and heavy paperboard.

Height of pile at the in-feeding: 1000 mm. Including

pallet height.

Process possibilities: cutting, creasing, embossing, blind

embossing (Braille), Kiss-cut applications including



• Compact automatic die-cutter, robustly constructed.

• NO STOP production.

• Short set-up times and easy make-ready.


The unit works horizontally, with sheet transport to the diecut

station achieved by the means of the driving clamps.

This innovative method ensures excellent quality and

results, and adds more value to the finished job. DCH200

allows both the traditional way of die cutting a full sheet

and our proposal of die cutting by MULTISHAPE on the

same sheet. This way reduces setting time, cost of the die

cutting tool and patching time. Thus the unit is particularly

suitable for use by printers who will satisfy the die cutting

market needs from small to medium runs.

Max. Die Cutting sizestandard max 490 x 700 mm
Running direction waste
Side waste
min. 9 mm
min. 9 mm
Max. paper size530 x 1000 mm
Min./Max. paper-cardboard thickness100 to 800 g/sq.m
Corrugated board thicknessup to 4 mm
Max. machine output1300 sheets/hour
Cutting force2 MN

Technical data subject to change without notice
* Values refer to the basic model


Possible cover configurations

Italian Custom Design