SCS Automaberg Company


Company origins

SCS was created in 2000, the result of synergy between the three founding partners - Scarpellini, Crovetto and Scarpellini. This was a fusion of ideas, experience and skills of three men who shared a clear company strategy. From this small company, SCS has grown into an industrial force built upon processes and high levels of quality which have become our standards, while maintaining the attention to detail and the ingenuity which were the driving forces behind the creation of the firm.

Ideas in movement

In a market where speed of action counts as much as know-how, we are able to offer innovative high-tech solutions, producing machinery for standard or custom production needs. Using our highly developed electro-mechanical engineering skills, we produce machines for the binding and finishing sectors which can be seamlessly integrated into our clients’ existing production cycles or used alongside other systems.

Quality service, quality products

Our “know-how” culture is a constant element in our character which has allowed us to evolve our company vision over the years. We aim to “do it well”, and this belief has brought us positive feedback and allowed us to follow a course of progressive and constant growth where our results can be measured in terms of customer satisfaction.


TRIM&PERF at PRINT18 Chicago from September 30 to October 2
TRIM&PERF at PRINT18 Chicago from September 30 to October 2

We will be at PRINT 18 booth 409 with our TRIM&PERF where we will die cut folding product in line with a folding and creasing machine.

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